Eucatastrophe. Part:10

“I don’t care how you do it but you need to somehow let the judges know that it wasn’t you. I’m giving you two days. If I don’t hear anything within those two days then I’m going to go straight to your granny and reveal everything”, I finished off quite pleased with myself.

“Done! … But, on condition you do not breath a word of this to anyone. If it somehow gets to her then your chances are up! I’m done with you and your silly games. I’m just warning you, don’t mess around with me in future.

And it better not get to my dad or trust me, I will even feel sorry for you! My dad doesn’t take anything against his reputation lightly and he’s very high up in the political world in case you didn’t know so a lowly orphan like you doesn’t stand a chance against him. I’m actually telling you this for your own benefit, so please listen.”  He said in a hard voice.

“Pinky promise,” I said habitually holding out my pinky not bothered with his harshness as I’ve been treated much worse before and I really wanted that prize and recognition. I put down my hand with a blush when he just looked on with a smirk.

In the last period there was a sudden announcement for an assembly in the hall. Confused we all began making our way there wondering what had happened.

Once everyone had assembled the principal announced, “It seems that there’s been a mix up with the results. Suhail has confessed to playing a prank on Sarah and writing his name on her story and her name on his story.”

My heart began beating so fast and a wide smile spread across my face as the implication of his words sunk in. Other than a stern look and a, “Don’t play any tricks like that in future!” from the principal Suhail got none of the punishment he deserved but at least I got my happy ending. He may have still taken recognition for my work but at least not the winning one.

“Sarah, can you please come up her to receive your award. You have also been given an additional compensation as an apology from the Abad’s. A $100 voucher to be spent at any shop of your choice.”

I don’t think I have ever been happier in my life as I walked to the front to receive that award. For the first time in my life I was being treated like royalty in front of the very same people who treated me like rubbish before.

I will never forgot these words of the principal especially when I’m feeling down or like a failure, “Congratulations Sarah, We are so honoured to have a student of such high caliber in our midst. I can’t believe that such a gem has been right under our noses and we haven’t realised. Sarah, I am proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too. Proud of your potential, proud of how far you’ve come in life and most of all proud of how despite everything in life you haven’t become bitter but have remained such a sweet person. You could have exposed Suhail in front of everyone yesterday but you didn’t and that is something I really admire. Once again I congratulate you Sarah. I am very proud of you.”

“And from that point onwards things started to look up for Sarah, the sunshine seemed more bright. Her smile grew more wide and frequent. Her shell had cracked and her sweet vibrant nature had emerged dazzling all those around her. She finally made her big break and she was determined to help others achieve the same and that is why everyone grew to love and look up to Sarah.
My dear children, there are many morals to be taken from Sarah’s story. Respect, love and appreciation for parents, kindness to fellow human beings, never ever be a bully, never cheat and most of all whenever things look down and you fell depressed and upset remember that there is a greater power at work, he sees, he hears, he knows everything. If you turn to him you will find the silver linings, the solutions and the happily ever afters to all your problems. Who is he? His name is Allah, my creator, your creator and the creator of the universe. He loves you so he will solve all your problems, you just need to ask.”
Despite the feelings of trepidation that filled Nani-Jaan at the fact that their parents wouldn’t be too happy now that she was teaching them something so foreign to them, Nani-Jaan knew she had to teach them about Allah. It was her duty and what would she tell Allah when he asked her why she had let these innocent children go astray? Now all Nani-Jaan could do was wait and see.

The end of Eucatastrophe

Sarah’s story, part:1


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