Eucatastrophe. Part:9

I impatiently press the doorbell and after five minutes of waiting, I am ready to yell at someone. After the horrid surprise this morning, it’s no wonder that my mood is more than sour.

I was still scowling when the door opened and an old lady smiled down at me. “Come in dear! Sorry about the delay, I was down in the garden.”

My irateness vanished and the innate respect for elders that I was taught kicked in. Besides, this lady looked so sweet. But then again, no one would think by looking at Suhail that he was the devil’s best friend now, would they? I thought viciously.

‘No problem, I’m here for Suhail,” I offered sweetly. The old lady scrutinised me for so long that I was ready to run from there.

“Okay, I’ll call him. BUT..” She looked sternly at me, “I will be there to chaperone. I’m not going to leave a young pair alone together. Goodness only knows what you will get up to together. Can’t trust the kids nowadays you know?”

Oka..aay… So now I was going to have to speak to him chaperoned. How lovely! ‘But,’ I thought stubbornly lifting my chin, ‘I’m here for a purpose and I’m going to carry this out no matter what or who insists on coming in the way.’

I frowned. It would be a tad uncomfortable yelling at Suhail while the woman, who is probably his grandma, observes. Unless…. I smile exultantly as inspiration struck. I could, instead of yelling and looking like a fool, reprimand him how matron does, in a cold, deadly tone that could cut through glass. That would definitely work.

“I’m just going to call him, sweetheart. You can wait here,” she said, guiding me to a lounge, “I won’t be long. Have a sweet while you wait.

I popped a piece of candy into my mouth, savouring the sweet taste and hoping that it would soothe my nerves that suddenly made an appearance. I had come here so spontaneously that I have no idea what I’m actually going to do. I’m starting to question whether this is a good idea after all. ‘Sarah, you came here for a reason. You came to give that idiot a piece of your mind and you are not going to go until he heard you out. He needs to know not to mess around with you in future.’ I gave myself a little pep talk and felt much more determined and confident when I was done.

“Here’s the little rascal!” the old lady said so cutely that I couldn’t help my giggles, especially after catching sight of Suhail’s red face. ‘See, this was a good idea after all,‘ I silently told myself reveling in catching Suhail in vulnerable position.

‘Wow! The heartless Suhail actually feels embarrassed. This should be written down in the books of history! I mean it’s just amazing. A man without a heart is capable of feeling embarrassed!” I cynically and sarcastically exclaimed.

He stared at me blankly but I noticed that blotch of read spreading and darkening his cheeks a little more.

“Now would you care to explain to me why you won the competition I was supposed to, with a story that I was coerced into writing for you?” I question in a calm, steel-laced voice.

“I uh…I didn’t…. I was…. I didn’t mean…didn’t know…” He stuttered out a pile of indecipherable rubbish.

It was so uncharacteristic for him that I was quite stumped. How was this high and mighty big-mouthed tyrant at a loss for words. Following his gaze I realised that this boy actually frights for someone, he frights for that little old lady who looks as if she could be blown over by the wind!

‘How on earth does this guy fear her?’ is a question that still troubles my thoughts. Seeing that that she was his weakness I decided to use it to my advantage. Letting out a forced laugh I falsely said, “Haha, got you. I was just kidding. Anyway, I need to go. Meet me after school tomorrow or else your granny and I are going to have a lovely chat. Bye.” And with that I stormed off.

Knowing that the little kids hearing a story about candy would start wishing to eat candy, sweet old Nani-Jaan made sure she had a bowl of candy to serve them that day. Oh how I wish that I was one of those lucky children!

3 thoughts on “Eucatastrophe. Part:9

  1. Jazakillaah for posting❤🎉😘……I reallly would like to get to know who’s Naani Jaan……oh and here’s a sweet for you 🍬 🍬🍬……reallly wish I could send you real ones😘

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