Eucatastrophe. Part:7

I slowly got to my feet and began limping my way out of school, not caring that I was spoiling my golden record. ‘Nobody even cares if I miss class and nobody will even care if I die,’ I thought darkly.

I’ve had enough. I can’t handle it any more. I can’t stay in this place that makes my nightmares real, a moment longer. I limped all the way to the orphanage unable to stop the torrents of tears flowing down my face.

As if reflecting my inner turmoil the weather suddenly changed to dark and stormy. By the time I finally reached the orphanage I was drenched to the bone. Matron took one look at me and immediately sent me off to change out of my wet clothes.

When I was done I found a cup of chamomile tea waiting for me. I must have looked as bad as I felt because tea was some thing rare used only on special occasions here in the orphanage.

It seems the chamomile tea did its job because I soon found myself calming down and my eyelids beginning to droop. I jumped into bed cocooning the covers tightly around myself and went off to sleep  never wanting to awake again.

3 hours later my eyes opened again. I yawned and stretched and feeling my body aching all over the events from earlier began assaulting me once again.

I pep talked myself out of all the gloom and doom. I felt much much better when I was done because I had decided to concentrate on what needed to be done rather on the injustices that had been done to me.

I decided to get that story for Mr Moore done and overs with and would you believe it what was in my heart came flowing from my fingers. Without even realising I began pouring out all my heartbreak onto the paper.

2 hours later, I flexed my fingers as I finally put the pen down. Wanting to get this over and done with, I didn’t bother reading it. If I had, there is no way in a million years would I’d have ever handed it in. I had basically spilled my heart bare there and someone else was going to read it. In those moments of weakness, I didn’t fully realise what I had done until it was too late.

The weather had suddenly changed again and was already warming up. I found myself running back to school as it was almost time for school to let out. I spied Suhail just before he jumped into his chauffeured car and screamed for him to wait.

Slapping the pages into his hand I spat, “I finish do the dirty work your royal dunce-ness. The least you can do now is type it out yourself.”

I searched around for Mr Moore but he was no where in sight. Well I’m half done, I thought deciding to head back as it didn’t look like Mr Moore was around. First thing tomorrow I’ll ask him for that recommendation I thought. Little did I realise that I hadn’t reached my rock bottom. Things were still about to get worse.



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