Eucatastrophe. Part:3

 Many people out of poverty place their children into an orphanage thinking that at least they’ll be fed everyday. They fail to realise that orphanages are NOT the best option for children because even of the orphanage can feed them better, it harms them in another aspect. The ratio of children to staff in an orphanage is nearly always higher than in a home setting, and nothing can make up for the personal attention and love of an aunt or grandmother, no matter how poor these caregivers may be. A child who doesn’t have this love and affection has a slower and more stunted brain development compared to children who do. Residential care is sometimes best for some children in the short-term, such as when it provides a bridge for children from living on the streets to reunification with their families, but should not be considered a permanent solution.

As Sarah grew, she witnessed her classmates interactions with their parents when they came to drop or fetch them from school and how their elder siblings always came to check on them and help them. This was something that she truly envied and wished for because she had no one to show her any sort of love.

She yearned to have just one person hug her and tell her ‘I love you.’ She yearned for someone to lovingly tuck her into bed at night. She yearned for someone to protect her from all the dangers of the world. She yearned for a more protected and loving environment.

She yearned to be able to go to sleep at night happy and without any worries. She yearned to wake up the next morning to the aroma of a delicious breakfast feast, where she could eat as much as she liked without having to worry about what was added in it to make it enough for everyone and without having to worry about everyone else in the orphanage getting enough food as well.

As Sarah witnessed life out of the orphanage and how people wasted and had no appreciation for things, her heart broke. Her heart broke as she witnessed people throwing away food because she didn’t even know if she would get supper that night.

Her heart broke when she saw people who wouldn’t wear the same clothes twice because she knew she was lucky if she got a new garment twice a year, and that garment would often be someone’s hand-me-down that was full of holes that needed to be patched before she could wear it.

Most of all her heart broke whenever she saw anyone disrespect and ill treat their parents. She didn’t have parents. These people were lucky to have parents but they failed to realise how blessed they were and appreciate their parents.

She often cried and prayed for parents but she soon became despondent. She would have loved to be adopted but everyone only wanted to adopt the smallest, prettiest or most unusual looking children.

When seeing people who didn’t appreciate their parents, this thought would cross her mind, ‘Since they didn’t love their parents why couldn’t their parents be taken in place of hers.’ This thought would soon leave her feeling guilty for thinking that way but do you blame her?

Today’s lesson my dear children is appreciation.
Learn to appreciate and not waste.
Appreciate what you have and try to share it with those less fortunate than you.
Appreciate what you have before it becomes something you had.
Take this lesson from Sarah and appreciate before it is too late.
We appreciate the things we have by using it in the correct way and not wasting it.
We appreciate our loved ones by being kind and loving to them.
Most of all we appreciate everything we have by being grateful to our lord who has bestowed us with all of this.



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