With closed eyes… 

“Excuse me, are you okay?” I asked awkwardly. I cringed, in a normal situation I’d never just approach a random girl like this.

” Yep, I’m brilliant. Just taking a nap before my next lecture.” I stared incredulously at her, she still hadn’t opened her eyes and was still walking in the right direction. “How are you u not bumping into walls?”

“I have my skills,” her lips lifted in a tiny smirk. I spent the rest of my day unable to get the ‘sleeping girl’ out of my mind.

I saw her a few days later and her eyes were still closed, and bumped into her the next day again and still her eyes were closed.

Doubts began to plague me. Was it… Did she have a problem. Was she physically unable to open her eyes?

I searched for the mysterious girl high and low the next day but she was nowhere to be found. That day passed, and the next, and the next, and I didn’t bump into my sleeping friend in the hallway.

Then, out of the blue, at lunch, I spotted a lone figure curled up beneath a tree looking up at the sky. Could it be her?

Even though I knew there was a high possibility of disappointment,I dashed over just to check. I froze when I reached the tree. What was I going to say to her? I probably looked a sight, running up to her like mad thing.

But my worries faded when I saw that her eyes were open. I laughed euphoricly. “Your eyes are open!” I couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Yeah, I’m awake now. Don’t need any naps at the moment.” She glanced over at me, “What’s your name? I’m Summayyah.”

“Katherine, call me Katy.” I stared back into her eyes. They were the most amazing eyes I ever saw and I wasn’t exaggerating. Deep, warm, brown coloured eyes that reminded me of melted chocolate.

They seemed to sparkle and I finally understood what novels meant when they spoke about a persons goodness shining through her eyes. The warmth behind those brown eyes, it was inexplicable.

Perhaps my mind was overexaggerating because I’d been so eager to see her eyes previously, perhaps not. But truly, they were eyes that held pure beauty. Kindness shone in them as clear as day.

And so, there beneath the cherry blossom tree, began a friendship that blossomed for years to come. At first I was tentative, spending a little time with Summayyah but most of my time with my old friends.
 Time passed and I slowly began spending more and more time with Summayyah.

In every friendship I’d had previously, I’d always been the pushover. The too-kind girl, who put everyone above her and no one felt too bad to take advantage of my kindness.

But Summayyah, she was different. Sweet as honey, I sometimes wondered if she was too good to be true. She never once took advantage of my kindness and for the first time in my life I wasn’t sacrificing for the sake of my friends.

Ayyah was too considerate to allow that and at time I felt like I was being stingy, not giving her the same selflessness I’d given to my old friends.

When I voiced my thoughts to her, she crinkled her nose and said, “I want a friend Katy, not a doormat or a PA.” And that was the end of that.

The day that Ayyah finally answered my question about her walking around with closed eyes truthfully, was the day our I knew I completely had her trust.

She still walked around campus halls with shut eyes, claiming to be taking power naps. The truth however, opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of Summayyah.

She spoke in a faraway voice as she explained to me about being blind for as long as she could remember.

My heart broke as she whispered about how she understood that it was Allah’s (the name she called her god, by now I knew that much atleast) decision for her, but she just couldn’t stop the yearning to see the grass that felt so amazing beneath her feet. To know what’s blue, red and yellow.

To see the sunset that her brother described to her in detail and it certainly sounded stunning, but try as she might, she couldn’t properly picture it in her mind.

“Then one day, I was really pensive and the desire to see… These colours that everyone spoke about, that sounded so amazing…  it was so overpowering. So I prayed that day, I prayed really hard and I promised that if I just had a chance to see it all, just once, I’d never look at a strange guy intentionally.”

She looked up at me and explained, “Because you know, in my religion, it’s not permitted to look intentionally at any man that its possible for you to marry, unless of course you’re considering marrying him.” Ayyah gave a small giggle.

“That night, my father came to talk to me. He told me that he and my mother had been saving for very long for a particular operation that might restore my sight.  He told me to think carefully because it was bound to be painful and there was only a fifty percent chance of it working out.

I thought about it long and hard, and even though there was a fifty percent of failure, of basically throwing away my parents money, I couldnt help but choose the selfish choice. All I could think of was that I prayed that day and Allah had responded to me.

I had the operation and praise be to Allah, it was successful.
I’ve tried as hard as I could and up till now, I’ve kept to my promise. I haven’t intentionally looked at any guy in my life.

When it came to campus though, there’s guys everywhere and it was nearly impossible to avoid them all. They were everywhere. ”

“So walking around with my eyes closed seemed to be the best solution,” she stated with a quirky smile. “I can move around quite deftly without using my eyes, a skill I still retain even though I have sight now.”

“Besides,” with a dreamy smile she continued, “I love that the first boy I’ll look at will be my husband, the guy I’ll spend the rest of my life with. That would be the most perfect thing ever.”

I looked at my friend fondly, with all her quirks and dreams, she was truly one of her kind. She definitely had stars in her eyes though, her dream of her husband being the first boy she looked at was far-fetched. But definitely, if anyone could do it, Ayyah would manage it.

I found myself whispering a prayer to whatever diety there was out there even though I was not much of a believer in God, for her innocence and dreams to remain intact for as long as she lived. Too many times, I’d seem innocence and dreams shattered and it was heartbreaking.

I prayed for Ayyah’s happiness even though I’d never prayed for anything before. My family was the complete opposite of religious.

But I prayed because I knew deep down, that for someone as perfect as Ayyah to exist, with all her quirks and dreams, was something that couldn’t be coincidental. There had to be someone out there, someone who created such beauty and deep down I suspected that the creator of such a beautiful person had to be a million times more beautiful because honestly, what are the creations of someone in comparison to its creator?


Fiction: Hidden Blessings

Found this amazing piece of writing today and had to share it with u guys. Hopefully makes up for my irregular posting…#hides… But seriously… I have nodded where this brilliant author was hiding.

The Imperfect Muslimah

Chapter One

Nikaah tomorrow! I’ve never even seen her… How did Papa even find someone so fast?

Taahir sat at his desk, trying in vain to do some work. He threw down a folder irritably, giving up on reclaiming his focus for the time being. The phone call he’d just received played back in his mind and he tore his fingers through his hair in frustration.

Taahir was an only child and his father was eager to see him married. Last week, the hinting and gentle coaxing to find someone, which had been commonplace since he was twenty-one, had suddenly turned into being sat down and asked if he was reluctant because he’d hidden a relationship!

Feeling hurt and betrayed by the questions, Taahir had let his frustrations get the best of him and had impulsively declared that he’d marry the first woman his father brought to him since it…

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1. Toilet paper mystery 

Winter had come and everyone was coming down with sniffles and colds. 

“Atisho, Atisho!” Someone sneezed yet again and to Nani Jaan’s dismay there was no more tissue to be found. 

Finally retrieving a toilet roll from her bathroom, Nani Jaan apologetically handed it over to the child that had sneezed. 

“This calls for nice, steaming hot bowls of soup,” Nani Jaan declared. 

Once the soup was ready, Nani Jaan called for the children to gather around saying, “I’ve got the perfect story! A funny story to raise everyone’s gloomy spirits.”

“Mrs Delany, I think you need to stop brushing me off and finally do something. This is the 4th time I’m seeing Tommy with toilet paper. I’ve reported to you the first time when he came out with a huge wad fluttering from his waistband but you told me I’m over-reacting. But this is the fourth time I’m seeing him with signs toilet paper on him.” 

Emily Kale pleaded internally for the head of department to take her seriously. 

Her heart sank when Mrs Delany spoke, smiling condescendingly, “Yes Emily, I understand that you are a little stressed about this but every child has their peculiarities. Maybe Tommy just likes toilet paper? Have you considered that?”

“You’re not listening to me, Mrs Delany! Each time that Tommy had toilet paper with him was after he’d been to the toilet. I have a bad feeling that he’s… Maybe..,” Emily bit her lip, “taking the toilet paper from the toilets?”

Mrs Delany’s head snapped up, “Don’t be absurd, Emily. Next thing you know, you’ll be contemplating whether Tommy gets menstrual periods!! It’s as absurd a suggestion as stealing toilet paper. Maybe he had running stomach or something. But it’s probably just something as trivial as sloppy toilet habits. I get that it’s only your second month here but paranoia is not a trait we encourage in our teachers. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have lots of work to do.”

Emily stared at the HOD’s retreating back, her cheeks burning. Familiar feelings of frustration and inadequacy hit hard. Why did the HOD look down on her so much. She hated being the new teacher! Almost as much as she hated being brushed off. 

Something was definitely going on with Tommy and she was going to get to the bottom of this. She’d never heard of any kid having toilet paper fetishes. Something was definitely going on here. She was certain of it. Even if no one believed her.

Eucatastrophe. Part:10

“I don’t care how you do it but you need to somehow let the judges know that it wasn’t you. I’m giving you two days. If I don’t hear anything within those two days then I’m going to go straight to your granny and reveal everything”, I finished off quite pleased with myself.

“Done! … But, on condition you do not breath a word of this to anyone. If it somehow gets to her then your chances are up! I’m done with you and your silly games. I’m just warning you, don’t mess around with me in future.

And it better not get to my dad or trust me, I will even feel sorry for you! My dad doesn’t take anything against his reputation lightly and he’s very high up in the political world in case you didn’t know so a lowly orphan like you doesn’t stand a chance against him. I’m actually telling you this for your own benefit, so please listen.”  He said in a hard voice.

“Pinky promise,” I said habitually holding out my pinky not bothered with his harshness as I’ve been treated much worse before and I really wanted that prize and recognition. I put down my hand with a blush when he just looked on with a smirk.

In the last period there was a sudden announcement for an assembly in the hall. Confused we all began making our way there wondering what had happened.

Once everyone had assembled the principal announced, “It seems that there’s been a mix up with the results. Suhail has confessed to playing a prank on Sarah and writing his name on her story and her name on his story.”

My heart began beating so fast and a wide smile spread across my face as the implication of his words sunk in. Other than a stern look and a, “Don’t play any tricks like that in future!” from the principal Suhail got none of the punishment he deserved but at least I got my happy ending. He may have still taken recognition for my work but at least not the winning one.

“Sarah, can you please come up her to receive your award. You have also been given an additional compensation as an apology from the Abad’s. A $100 voucher to be spent at any shop of your choice.”

I don’t think I have ever been happier in my life as I walked to the front to receive that award. For the first time in my life I was being treated like royalty in front of the very same people who treated me like rubbish before.

I will never forgot these words of the principal especially when I’m feeling down or like a failure, “Congratulations Sarah, We are so honoured to have a student of such high caliber in our midst. I can’t believe that such a gem has been right under our noses and we haven’t realised. Sarah, I am proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too. Proud of your potential, proud of how far you’ve come in life and most of all proud of how despite everything in life you haven’t become bitter but have remained such a sweet person. You could have exposed Suhail in front of everyone yesterday but you didn’t and that is something I really admire. Once again I congratulate you Sarah. I am very proud of you.”

“And from that point onwards things started to look up for Sarah, the sunshine seemed more bright. Her smile grew more wide and frequent. Her shell had cracked and her sweet vibrant nature had emerged dazzling all those around her. She finally made her big break and she was determined to help others achieve the same and that is why everyone grew to love and look up to Sarah.
My dear children, there are many morals to be taken from Sarah’s story. Respect, love and appreciation for parents, kindness to fellow human beings, never ever be a bully, never cheat and most of all whenever things look down and you fell depressed and upset remember that there is a greater power at work, he sees, he hears, he knows everything. If you turn to him you will find the silver linings, the solutions and the happily ever afters to all your problems. Who is he? His name is Allah, my creator, your creator and the creator of the universe. He loves you so he will solve all your problems, you just need to ask.”
Despite the feelings of trepidation that filled Nani-Jaan at the fact that their parents wouldn’t be too happy now that she was teaching them something so foreign to them, Nani-Jaan knew she had to teach them about Allah. It was her duty and what would she tell Allah when he asked her why she had let these innocent children go astray? Now all Nani-Jaan could do was wait and see.

The end of Eucatastrophe

Sarah’s story, part:1