9. From Ummi, With Love

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dearest Daughter

“The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: ‘There are two qualities, no Muslim man acquires them but he will enter Paradise, and they are simple and easy. He should glorify Allaah (say Subhaan Allaah) ten times immediately after each prayer, and praise Him (say Al-hamdu Lillaah) ten times and magnify Him (say Allaahu akbar) ten times.’ I saw the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) counting this on his fingers. He said: ‘That makes one hundred and fifty on the tongue, and one thousand five hundred (hasanaat) in the scales. [Translator’s note: each of three phrases repeated ten times makes thirty; multiplied by the number of daily prayers, which is five, makes one hundred and fifty. Each of these good deeds of the tongue will be rewarded with ten hasanaat which will be added to the total of good deeds to be weighed in the balance or scales on the Day of Judgement]. When you go to bed, glorify Him and praise Him and magnify Him one hundred times: that will be one hundred on the tongue and a thousand in the scales. Who among you does two thousand and five hundred sayi’aat (bad deeds) in one day?’ They said: ‘How could we not count (our sins)?’ He said: ‘The Shaytaan comes to any one of you whilst he is praying and says, Remember this, remember that, until he finishes his prayer and does not do (this dhikr), or he comes to him when he is lying down and makes him sleepy, until he falls asleep (without doing this dhikr).’” (Abu ‘Eesaa said: This is a hasan saheeh hadeeth. Sunan al-Tirmidhi, 3332)

I learnt this Hadeeth at the local Taleem this week. My princess, please don’t be like the ones who Shaytaan distracts. Make it a point to do this stuff please. For Ummi’s sake?


8. From Ummi, With Love

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

My princess

When you were little and I told you to sit and drink water, you always complied with a smile. And when you grew into a rebellious teenager and I told you to do it, you responded with a scowl. I don’t know what you do now, whether you follow the Sunnah way of Drinking, but I just want to tell you something I learnt recently.

Throughout those rebellious teen years, whenever I asked you to sit and drink because its Sunnah, you always shrugged it of saying, “What’s the use?”

Now after all these years, I finally have an answer for you. The use is that all water drunk the Sunnah way will be on the right side of your scale of deeds on the day of Qiyaamah. Imagine that! How heavy water is! And how much water you drink in your entire life! It can all be so so rewarding for you, just through following the Sunnah way of drinking it.

In case your memory is becoming rusty (mine is for sure), I’m just going to recap the sunnah way of drinking for you:

-Drink in a cup
-Look down into your water before you drink
-Drink with your right hand
-Sit and drink
-Drink in 3 sips.

-Read the dua after drinking water

Simple, hey? I know how opportunistic and over achieving my daughter is so I hope you won’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.


7. From Ummi, With Love


I don’t know what to write today. You and I have quarreled and I am beyond sad. How do I explain to you that my internal instincts are screaming that you need to come before Eid. I am dying to see you and the kids but it is not selfishness that’s making me beg you to come a few days before Eid for holiday.

Today I have realised how strained out relationship has become. You blame all my decisions on ‘your sudden spurt of holiness’ as you keep stating. I know now that I did the right thing by not sending you these letters. You would have never read beyond the first one. I may be seemingly crazy writing letters to you and never sending them, but I have sureness in my heart that you will someday read each one of these and InshaAllah take all my advice to heart.

My heart tells me that you need to be here before Eid so I’m going to do the only thing I can to secure that. Tahajjud Duas. There is no problem that it cannot solve.

Now I’m not writing this letter to rant to you on the benefits of tahajjud for I have mentioned these to you so many times before, I’m sure you have committed it to memory.

No, I write this because my most regular Tahajjud Dua is that Allah make you from among his servants that pray tahajjud. And the day that that Dua of mine materialises, I want you to know this special dua
When you awake at night and read this Dua:
لا إله إلا وحده لا شريك له له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير. الحمد لله و سبحان الله و لا إله إلا الله والله اكبر ولا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

And then say اللهم اغفر لي (Oh Allah, forgive me), or ask Allah for something, that Dua will be accepted. And if you make wudhu after that and read (nafl) Salaah, that Salah will be accepted.

Isn’t that such a great reward for something so simple?

Your mother

6. From Ummi, With Love

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

My dear daughter

Your Ammi feels tired today. Her health isn’t what it once was. Its not that I am suffering, no Alhamdulillah. It is merely a headache and fatigue.

But this headache makes me want to smash my head against a wall, so excruciating it is. But I remind myself that it’s all from Allah and he won’t let my pain go in vain. That is the only bright spot in my day. Knowing that my sins are being washed away by this sickness. It makes be content for I know I have many sins and at least this punishment is bearable, unlike that of the afterlife.

I’m going to keep this one short and brief, my dear, I’ll just tell you of something to read every single night before you sleep that will make Allah forgive every sin that you committed that even if they be more than…

1.The foam in the oceans
2.The leaves on all the trees in the world
3. The number of days in the world.

So much of forgiveness just for reading the following words three times: استغفر الله الذي لا إله إلا هو الحي القيوم واتوب اليه
Astaghfirullahal ladhi laa ilaaha illa huwal hayyul qayyumu wa Atubu Ilayh.

I’m going to lie down now.

With Love
Your mother.